Early detection is vital to prevent / reverse diabetes or prediabetes.

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Diabetes is not a disease; it is a chronic, metabolic, lifestyle disorder. What if we tell you putting back to order easy? Consider Diabetes as just an alarm cautioning you to start living healthy. Meet LifeSpan - Diabetes experts (Doctors, Nutritionists & Counselors) and understand Diabetes. Look at it positively and start a healthier life. Follow some simple guidelines from our experts on Diet, Exercise, Life Style and Medicines. LifeSpan has helped more than 1,00,000 Sweet People to lead a quality life.

India has the second-largest Diabetic population in the world next to China. Genetically, Indians are four times more likely to develop diabetes than Europeans. 7.8% of adult population in India are diabetics and close to a million people die every year because of it. The incidence of diabetes is growing every year with our food habits & sedentary lifestyle. About 24% population are Pre-Diabetics. It is a vast number. Pre-Diabetics are youngsters who have reserved their ticket to become a Diabetic soon. You can stop or prevent Diabetes at this stage if diagnosed and treated early.

Diabetes is the inability of the body to utilize glucose properly, making you sweet, i.e., Diabetic. If not controlled properly, this will damage vital organs like Eyes, Kidneys, Heart, Brain, Legs & Nerves. All the body requires is a little help to deal with it right. We at LifeSpan are the experts in it. We will help you reverse Diabetes and live a healthy life.

With Diabetes there is

2-3 fold increase in heart attack & stroke.

Leading cause of kidney failure.

Prime cause for leg amputations.


Diabetes is a Disorder; you can get back to order with the right support. Apart from regular testing & monitoring, adhering to a suitable Diet + Exercise + Life Style Changes + Medications can help a person reverse Diabetes successfully. But there is no fixed formula that works for all, as everyone is unique. Even the same medicines do not work for all, that’s the reason there are a plethora of medications. You would have witnessed this with diet, taking the same food, not everyone has the same body fat. What works for some may not work for others. Do not copy someone’s treatment, you could end up with complications. Identify, understand and do what is suitable for you.

Lifespan Diabetes clinic is equipped with a team of Doctors, Nutritionists, Counselors and technicians. We have experience in helping 100,000 sweet people. Our Diabetologists have designed a protocol with ADA (American Diabetes Association) Guidelines and do not prescribe Quick-fix solutions. We can assure you of evidence-based quality care to ‘Reverse Diabetes’. Your commitment, cooperation and feedback are the essential ingredients in designing a plan suitable for you.

When it comes to reversing diabetes there are no better experts than our specialist team. Do not get confused with those who promise magic remedies & those who offer discounted blood tests – We are Diabetic Specialty Clinics. What we do is a help to reverse your Diabetes and we are good at it. Initially, our first priority is to control your blood sugar with suitable medicines at appropriate doses. But over the months, our focus is to rely more on Diet + Lifestyle changes and less on medications. The key benefit would be improved quality of life.

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So the first step is to find out the path in understanding Diabetes. Let us win over the diabetic demon with our Diabetes Tests & packages.

Diabetic Package

Consultation : Includes screening of 70 parameters & specialist Consultation.

Offer Price : Rs. 5900 2900

Other Diabetic Packages

Full Care

Complete yearly doctor consultation
Tests at home & clinic
Diet consultation

Full Care Geriatric Package

Doctor consultation at home
Diet consultation at home
Counselling at home & clinic

Full Care Diabetic + Cardiac Package

Diabetic / Cardiac test at home & clinic
Complete yearly doctor consultation
Diet consultation


Complete yearly doctor consultation
Diet consultation

All package comes in Annual / Half Yearly / Quarterly *


  • 94% of patients were able to reduce their HbA1c levels.
  • 62% of patients could reduce the costs of Medications.
  • 90% of patients had a better quality of life.
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What our clients say

Lifespan offers people with Diabetes Full Care treatment, personalized treatment as per your health status and target-based to help you achieve your health goals.

Patient had been diagnosed with diabetes 6 years ago. He was a sportsman by profession before he injured his knee visited our clinic after gaining approximately 15 Kg and experiencing high blood sugar levels.

Mr. M.H., Patient

Patient was diagnosed with diabetes 3 years ago. Her condition have set her standstill but she is a person who loves an active health & lifestyle. In our diabetic clinic we have ran through selective diabetes tests and understood the criticality. Based on our treatments today she is looking at life positively and leading a quality life. She has immense gratitude for Lifespan Diabetes Clinics.

Mr. M.A., Patient

Patient was a diabetic for the past 8 years who has a very busy schedule and was unable to go for diabetes tests regularly. He didn't restrict his diet nor was he physically active. His main complaint when he visited our clinic was an increase in the frequency of urine and increased thirst.

Mr. N.S., Patient